And I will still achieve everything

Behind TCC is Thaksin who will take over (1)F & N, and S’pore Govt will takeover (2)MacDonald’s through a proxy. When (3)McCafe is listed with (4)(Dunking Donuts?), it will be as valuable as Google.through a proxy. 
And I will takeover Bidadari land without a single cent, if I am not accurate, I will pay you back every single cent you lose. 
CapitaLand earnings is chicken feed, with your capital, I can expand these ways. I will separate into REIT for Shopping Malls, Ascott for service apts, Hotel 81/Fragrance Hotel for franchise, and Lifestyle Brands for franchise. 
Next I will go after Hotel 81 or Fragrance Hotel and merge with (5)Han’s Restuarant to expand in SEA, franchise style. Ascott brand is more suitable for Europe. CapitaLand is going after those who’s value has been realised almost 85% and the margin is only 15%, I am building on at least a 60% profit when fully realised. Without even controlling the above, I would have already taken a controlling stake in VISA.
(6)A & W Restuarants selling HotDogs, Pasta and Pizza in SEA, franchise style.
(7)(Billy Bombers-I can always use another name) Restuarants concept similar to Hard Rock Cafe franchise, selling lifestyle food and alcoholic drinks 
(8)Singapore Food Alley(Foodcourt) concept, franchise style
And F & N is the supplier of my range of drinks in SEA, everything is interlinked, and I control most of the range of different types of restuarants worldwide, cash money everyday, recession proofed, targeting middle income families and very affordable, so I am so confident I do not worry about business everyday, under my umbrella “Lifestyle Brands Worldwide”, behind it a food research lab, and a design decoration & equipment outfitter for all my restuarants. And behind eveything is social media clubs, where members can subscribe to join activities and interests and get email addresses, everything IT technologies can offer. And non-profit organisations can also function this way.  
7-11 brand is valuable but profit margin is not suitable based on ROI, does not meet my target. Like Coke brand. Unless you want to sell to new markets like North Korea. Singtel is not valuable unless I complete all my projects in about 10 years time.
– Contributed by Oogle

Author: Gilbert Tan TS

IT expert with more than 20 years experience in Apple, Andriod and Windows PC. Interests include hardware and software, Internet and multimedia. An experienced Real Estate agent, Insurance agent, and a Futures trader.

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